Articles Script

Articles Script

Articles publishing script.

Article Publishing Script

Subrion article directory script is an ultimate set of functionality to build a publishing website where people can post their own articles & reviews. You just choose your own niche, whether it's a products review, a sport site, a music site or just a general articles site. It's very flexible and you can easily customize it without any guru knowledge of programming. Content is the key to your online success and here comes the Subrion publishing platform as it does it work very well.


Subrion article script is an easy to use article publishing software for PHP & MySQL. The software has been especially designed to facilitate the management and make article directory management hassle-free. With Subrion article script, you can easily create your own articles site, accept live author articles, rate articles, create a personal blog site. It can be easily used as an article directory software and stands for the ultimate solution for an article directory website.

Unlimited Categories, Articles, & Authors

The scalable script architecture allows to have unlimited number of categories, articles, and publishers. By default, our team provides several common categories dumps for you to start the article directory hassle-free.

Complete Publishing Solution

As a website manager it's pretty easy to organize the process of articles submission. You only need to create the most appropriate categories structure and setup articles auto approval. The script will do the rest for you.

SEO Friendly Article Script

Search engines love content, and article publishing is one of the best ways to get your content indexed by all the search engines. It's fact, the more listings you have in the search engine indexes, the more traffic your site gets.

Easy Monetization

Start earning using AdSense blocks placement, or charging your publishing for posts. The system enables easy ways to monetize the project on the fly.

Subrion articles directory script is now the most full-featured article software on the net. It has tons of features + can be easily extended using core modular structure. Check the full details here: